Supply Chain Optimization

The hidden costs associated with complex supply chains across industries can often lead to margin erosion within organisations affecting the sustainability and profitability of a business. In an era where increased costs cannot be easily absorbed, it has become glaringly important that any activities leading to “increased costs” must be eliminated within organisations.

Our team is qualified to do an assessment of your supply chain in order to identify bottle necks and areas of improvements which can lead to the optimization and improved efficiencies within your supply chain. The results of which can be accurately measured in both performance and monetary values, resulting in greater efficiencies that sometimes go unnoticed as a result of inefficient supply chains.

Should you require further information or an assessment of your supply chain, please contact Claudia Karrappan on +27 83 635 4413 Or


We offer free on the job training to customers interested in purchasing our products.

Supply Chain Training

The following training modules can be provided by personnel at your offices:

  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Supply chain process and performance management